List to last, everyone wants more listings always but few are willing to put in the work in requires to get more listings.

If you have been thinking about doing farming or want to do farming here is a SIMPLE WAY to automate your farming.

What if you could send 4 POSTCARDS to EVERY HOMEOWNER LEAD you got on your website?

Step #1

They leave you their address on your website.

Step #2

Trigger your CRM to send a postcard to this homeowner within a few days of them registering. (Show example postcard without agent branding)

Step #3

Use 6 additional websites for finding homeowner info (maybe have pause in video to show our other social media post about ‘ways to find homeowners’ info or ‘DM us for list of free websites to learn more about homeowners.

Step #4

Doorknock, drop off info at homeowners house, call, text, email and try and convert. These homeowners will start to see you everywhere and you’ll capture the top of mind mindshare you’ll want to generate more sellers.

Step #5

When they scan the QR code from our postcards it allows you to know that 123 Main St just scanned your QR code to then follow up.


Bonus Points

If you have a seller campaign in your CRM to continue to stay in front of these homeowners.

If we can help DM us. Or click the button below! 


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Chris Zach

Since 2007, Chris Zach has been passionately helping Realtors dominate their online presence. After helping launch a few real estate marketing start-ups he fell in love with tech and helping Realtors turn leads into conversations.

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