Interact with Potential Buyers Now

At CZI we know the homebuyer’s lifecycle, from a short high-intent Zillow buyer to a lower-quality lead that came from social media. The bottom line is if you need help with buyers, we have options on how we can get you interacting…

How do you want to reach buyers?

Google Ads

Get on the first page of Google, spend $ = get leads


Target audiences in Facebook and Instagram with scroll-stopping ads

YouTube Ads

Target audiences in YouTube with video ads

Promote a Listing

Just Listed, Open House, etc ad for a listing/s

Smart Campaigns

Get a custom smart campaign tailored for your targeted clients

Video Content Creation

Create community pages & videos

What Platforms Suits Your Ads?

Facebook & Instagram Ads for Buyers

At CZI, we prioritize quality over quantity, connecting you with ‘Perfect Prospects’ rather than just a flood of leads. We target specific niches from first-time homebuyers, and relocation buyers, promoting specific listings + targeting sellers. Our goal is to position you in front of the right audience you’re targeting.

Google Ads for Buyers

CZI has invested over $10 million in Google Ads since 2007. We specialize in utilizing short, and long-tail keywords. This ensures that Google keyword searches seamlessly connect buyers and sellers, generating valuable leads for your business. When someone Google’s you or your town, you’ll be found.

YouTube Ads for Buyers

Video Editing & Promotion. Get eyeballs on you, your town, and your listings using YouTube Ads.

Other Services


Whoever holds the listings, holds the keys to it all. Ads, postcards, digital farming, FSBO, and a few other ways. Explore ways we can help with sellers

Past Clients

The lifeblood to your business. Every agent we've ever talked to says "I could do a better job with my past clients." Explore ways we can help with past clients

Need to launch an ad for a listing?

Get a 7-day Facebook ad done for you – $89 Only Below