I used to be a consultant for kvCORE working with the system since 2014 and now we get to work with agents and brokers all over the country helping them get organized with systems/CRMs like kvCORE, and helping agents generate additional opportunities into kvCORE.

Below is a breakdown of a few things that agents find helpful when successfully getting kvCORE launched. Let me know if you have any questions or anything, in particular, you need help not covered below.

Custom Homepages

Replace homepage photos and create more of a feel of your market on your kvCORE homepage website

Creating and updating smart drip campaigns

A mix of email, text, and voicemail, as well as custom campaigns for different lead sources. I.E. Your Zillow lead gets a different buyer drip campaign than your Facebook lead

Lead Generation

Custom PPC ad management, Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Facebook and Instagram ads. Retargeting + lead generation for buyers/sellers.

Lead Management

  • Lead Importing. Take leads into kvCORE from an old database or CRM.
  • Lead Routing. If you have a team of agents you NEED to make sure lead routing is set up so the right agents get the right leads
  • Lead Parsing. Make sure all leads you are generating in real estate get automatically dumped into kvCORE.

Training on kvCORE

Not a video, but one-on-one attention to detail and help.

Expect a 30-45 day learning curve with kvCORE. Keep it simple and learn enough to be dangerous. All of the other bells and whistles in kvCORE will come with time and use the system. KEEP IT SIMPLE is my approach.

These are just some of the things kvCORE can help you take your real estate business to the next level. Interested in learning more? Just click the button below to schedule a meeting with me!

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Chris Zach

Since 2007, Chris Zach has been passionately helping Realtors dominate their online presence. After helping launch a few real estate marketing start-ups he fell in love with tech and helping Realtors turn leads into conversations.

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