Buyers, Sellers, and Past Clients oh my…. We’ve got something for every Realtor. Here are the 3 things we are most excited for with the launch of our new Chris Zach Interact website!

Continuing to dominate Facebook and Instagram Ads but…… DRUMROLL PLEASE…. Now doing Youtube Ads + video content creation + video editing. Watch the video below, and in 60 seconds, we’ll show you how.

What are YouTube Ads for Realtors?

Is your CRM setup? It should be STAT.

We’ve been helping agents like you with business technology and business consulting, specifically with CRM. Most agents have so much tech and rarely is it cohesive. When you generate a lead, what happens? Do you know? You should… 

We’ve also added Smart Campaign creation, Newsletter creation, Market Updates, and helping all of our agents with video content creation.

Buyers, Sellers, or Past Clients?

Something for errr one. Working with agents since 2007 we’ve realized that agents always need help with 1 of 3 things. Buyers, Sellers, and Past Clients.

  • Buyers Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Video Content creation are a few ways we can help. Do you have a page on your website dedicated to your area? Things to do? Places to see? Home searches? Restaurant recommendations? Google and YouTube LOVE content specific to your area…. and guess what? YouTube is the #2 search engine so buyers are searching “What do you in X city”. Are your videos coming up first? If not get on this ASAP and let us know how we can help!
  • Sellers Postcard creation, Facebook & Instagram Ads Management, Google Ads and YouTube Ads management. These are a few ways we can help. But also daily we LOVE helping agents tapping into their farm albeit with farming, FSBO, Expireds, and ads. If you need more homeowners in front of you. Like the Ring camera for your business, keep in front of them! 
  • Past clients every agents bread and butter. But.. are you engaging with your past clients? Newsletters, market reports & updates, event promotions and parties, and ads to keep you top of mind. If you aren’t marketing to your past clients you BETTER believe another agent is. Explore our site and as always let us know if we can help


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